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Being a hub for community resources and community based exhibitions

Case Study: Stantonbury Campus, Milton Keynes (1985)

CONNECTIONS – with parents and the community

The students came from the wide catchment area that the school served and they came from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. With this in mind, community relations were a central feature of school atmosphere and organisation. On the site of the school were two leisure centres, a theatre, an ecumenical centre, a medical centre and shops. They were jointly used by the school and the community. Great emphasis was placed on involving the community in the life of the school. When the school was first opened, staff ran a variety of workshops for parents on Saturday mornings to build relationships and give them a flavour and knowledge of different styles of teaching within the curriculum. These were very successful in developing parent/teacher relationships. Parents then became more involved in the life of the school. Coffee mornings were held where parents could then informally visit classrooms. Each Hall had a parent/teacher group. Parents could come in and work alongside a teacher in the classroom.

*see full Case Study in the 'Research and Resources' section

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