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Links with other schools and educational settings

Case Study: The Reggio Emilia Approach

CONNECTIONS – school and community

The Reggio schools were founded with the support of the municipality – the city authorities -and the close connection is maintained today. The link is provided by the pedagogistas (advisers) who listen, make connections and pass on good practice. In this way the educational activities of all the Reggio schools become the project of the municipality and are seen as part of the system of social services dedicated to the welfare of its children.

Connections between parents and schools are built into the running of the schools and parents and the relationship between educator, parent and child is central. With very young children this is essential and parents see themselves as playing a majorpart in the life of the schools, in governance and in children's learning.

Close links among teachers spring naturally from the vision of education that they share. With classes of around 25 sharing two teachers, an atelierista and other adults constant exploration discussion and evaluation naturally occurs – a form of natural continuing professional development. Teachers are with the children for 30 hours a week and for six hours a week they meet communally for planning, preparation and team building.

*see full Case Study in the 'Research and Resources' section

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