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Shared, peer led CPD

Ebbsfleet Academy, N.W .Kent

CONNECTIONS – bringing teachers together to improve teaching

The Ebbsfleet Academy has a small teaching staff of 40 teachers who are beginning to work together as a community to develop pedagogy and improve learning and teaching. A weekly tea and toast teaching sharing session provides a forum for teachers to discuss learning and teaching while developing professional relationships. Learning and teaching observation cycles are now based around peer observation which provide a focus for all of the teaching community to select their own observation focus and observe each other.

Case Study: Sir William Burrough Primary School (2015)


The IPC is a powerful conduit to exemplify the schools approach to learning where the teachers are learning along with the children and are encouraged and supported through their engagement in an exciting curriculum – one where teachers feel comfortable not knowing all the answers. They explore the learning with the children using new technology to keep the learning alive and fresh. Sir Williams Burrough is a National Leadership School which gives its teachers an opportunity to widen their sphere of excellence and influence in partnership schools.

*see full Case Study in the 'Research and Resources' section

Case Study: St. Nicholas School

Connections – leading new developments, leading interagency collaboration:

St Nicholas has a dedicated home-school support team to create strong links with parents. Teachers work with a range of other agencies as well as with other schools as this is fundamental to its collaborative approach. The satellite classes in secondary schools and the FE unit are strong exemplars of partnership work with clear reciprocal benefits. Project work with charities and universities has explored new approaches to using puppetry or hydrotherapy with our students. The school hosts and runs training courses and programmes with a wide take up within the community.

*see full Case Study in the 'Research and Resources' section

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