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Ethos of warm persistent relationships at the heart of school


CULTURES – A culture of connecting kids to adults

A small (by American standards) coherent community of like minded young people and adults, focussed on using technology to generate self organisation, self-sufficient learning and individual and group responsibility. A friendly and relaxed adult atmosphere gives the school the feeling of a high-tech workplace than an exam factory. Students interact with adults in a positive way and teachers give a huge amount of time to helping students organise their work and to helping them to evaluate it. Collaboration not competition is an overriding value. Adults committed to this vision of education want to work at the school and young people who are not yet qualified as teachers are encouraged to gain experience at High Tech High as interns or coaches.

Students comments:

"Teachers teach us real life skills as well as academic subjects and lots of life advice"
"Teachers are really supportive. They tutor after school to do homework or if you get here at 6.30 or 7 am a tutor /coach will here to help"
"We don't have the sports school macho so that's why we don't have a football or lacrosse teams but we do cross country, swimming, track, dance , robotics, chess"

*see full case studies in the 'Research and Resources' section

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