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Processes of well being, restorative and social justice

Case Study: Bishops Park College, Jaywick, Essex (2005)

CULTURES – aspiring beyond one's expectations

The College adopted a 'Schools within a School' approach and consisted of three small mini-schools on the same campus. The school was established in 2002 to serve a severely socially deprived area of East Anglia. The aim was to create a safe and secure environment where students felt valued and confident so that they would be able to aspire beyond their expectations, and to engender intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn in an area where education was not traditionally highly valued. There was a strong focus on skills as well as content, and on pastoral care of the students, many of whom had very difficult lives. This aspect of the college was supported by its many highly effective multi-agency links, so that a truly holistic approach to children's education was developed, to which the whole staff was thoroughly committed.

Students comments

"The teachers are easy to talk to; if you've got a problem you can talk to them, they have time for you. They try and sort things out for you if you have a problem, and try and make you happy."
"You're comfortable with them [teachers]; not being afraid to ask for help and it's when they let you know they are there to help."
"Windmills [mini-school] is like a family to me."

*see full Case Study in the 'Research and Resources' section

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