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Environment as the third teacher


STRUCTURES – with parents and the community

"The school is housed in a renovated warehouse on the sprawling former Navy training base. Half the building is a vast open space under thirty five foot high, sky-lit ceilings from which hang brightly painted ducts and drop lighting. The space, known as the Great Room, is divided into four work station suites each having clusters of desks and internet linked computers. Because of the low partitions it is possible to see what is going on in the Great Room from any standpoint. In the other half of the warehouse there are more conventional classrooms each with a four foot by six foot smart board that projects the contents of a lap top computer and also laboratories fitted out for mechanical engineering, biotechnology, video production and animation"

*see full case studies in the 'Research and Resources' section

Case Study: Sir William Burrough Primary School (2015)

STRUCTURES – Environment as 'the third Teacher':

Sir William Burrough is housed in an old Victorian building. The quality and care of its upkeep and vibrancy stands in sharp contrast to much of the area around it. The classrooms and public areas of the school are a proud celebration of the children's work and worth, whilst the playgounds offer endless opportunities to build camps, climb trees, and tackle a jungle gym – a true manifestation of the environment as the third teacher

*see full Case Study in the 'Research and Resources' section

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