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Flexible use of time determined by teams according to task and context

Case Study: St. Nicholas School

STRUCTURES – flexible use of time and team according to need:

The school functions through strong teamwork from the classroom upwards including specialist teams, departments (Key Stages) project teams and a range collaborative work between teachers, teachers and non-teaching staff and teachers and other professionals. We support the development of teachers in their training courses as well as social workers, nurses and psychologists.

*see full Case Study in the 'Research and Resources' section

Case Study: Stantonbury Campus, Milton Keynes (1985)

STRUCTURES – flexibility supporting curriculum design

In order to promote the above values, an integrated curriculum was devised by a cross-curricular team of teachers. Traditional academic subjects were taught through projects. For example, The Environment, The individual and Society, Understanding the Past, Communications, Time to Learn. Subject specialist teachers advised on Historical content, Geographical content, etc. Emphasis was on working together as a team with year group staff sharing expertise to deliver the curriculum. Consequently, it was important for the teachers to have lengthier blocks of TIME ( 9hours per week) with their students combining their role of a tutor, delivering personal and social education, with their integrated studies teaching; at one time this programme was called SHARED TIME. This way of organising the curriculum enabled the development of relationships between the students and the teachers. It also greatly enhanced their knowledge of each other.

*see full Case Study in the 'Research and Resources' section

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